Downforce DF-R Hood Duct (91-05 NSX)

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Downforce presents the best radiator to hood duct you can buy and it is exclusively designed for the NSX-R hood. The DF-R hood duct directly channels the hot air from the radiator and expels it out of the hood opening and engineered to work in symmetry with the factory hood prod. This duct completely hides all components from the public and protects the hood compartment from water. The duct will drain water towards the designated drain holes under the radiator and the only duct in the world that will allow you to access the battery for jump starting. This duct works with the real NSX-R hood, DF NSX-R Hood G1 and G2, Procar NSX-R Hood G2. The DF-R duct addresses may of the complaints from NSX-R owners around the world.


Easy and direct battery access
Protect battery from water
Drains water under the radiator
Covers up front compartment
Easy one bolt removal
True air channeling