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Spoon Sports 6Pot Full Monoblock Caliper Set - Honda Civic FK7 / FC1 / FE1 / FL1 2016+ / Acura Integra DE4 2023+

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New Spoon 6-Piston Full-Monocoque Calipers
Kit is for the Caliper and brackets only.
Pads and Rotors sold separately.

FK7 HATCHBACK / FC1 SEDAN's genuine brake disk size is 282x23 mm thick, but in the sports run the temperature of the brake disc exceeds 500° C, which is comparable to the race. 
Therefore, SPOON has developed newly for FK7 / FC1 based on the 6 POT monocoque calipers that had been testing and developing at Super Taikyu Series since 2016. The biggest feature of this "FULL Monoblock Caliper" is its capless design, developed without any compromise in all its structure, performance and durability. Capless Full-Mono Body is manufactured with "Angle head processing machine". By adopting this construction method it became possible to reduce the number of rubber parts, the liquid loss was reduced, the design of a caliper with high rigidity and light weight became possible. We adopted large diameter dust boots for ultra-thin piston and meet the requirement even in street or circuit use. Uneven wear was suppressed by optimizing pad surface pressure by different diameter 6 PISTON design of 36 / 34 / 27. 

In addition, 312x25mm thick reversed ventilated disk is adopted to greatly suppress the brake temperature rise and heat collapse in sports driving. It also drastically improves the judder resistance and made it possible to sustain a stable brake feel even in continuous laps.
MPN: 45020-FK7-G00

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