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Spoon Sports Progressive Springs - Honda Civic Type R FK8 17-21

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Made in Japan.

Using a normal damper, the height of the vehicle can be lowered, roll on winding roads can be suppressed, and both steering and safety can be improved accordingly. Spoon Progressive Springs lower the car's center of gravity and stiffens the suspension for improved handling without sacrificing ride quality.

The biggest feature of the tenth generation Civic is compatibility of supple suspension feel and sporty handling performance, but in normal condition it is also where we want to stabilize the behavior a little more, such as roll and pitching. Therefore SPOON has developed a genuine shape spring with a normal ratio of about 20 mm down and a spring rate increase of 6% up in front and 15% up in the rear. As the center of gravity lowers and the spring rate increases, the cornering performance improves dramatically, but since the thrust up feeling in the low speed range is set mildly, you can enjoy both winding and city riding.

Spoon Progressive Spring Rates: Front 5.0 kgf/mm, 4.9 kgf/mm
Factory Spring Rates: Front 4.7 kg/mm, 4.2 kg/mm
Lowers 20mm Front and Rear

MPN: 51400-FK8-001